Google Duo - Video Calling App yorumlar

Google Duo

Google Duo is a great app! I totally recommend this app,You can FaceTime friends and family who don’t have iPhones and special branded phones! I love it 😊

Video quality

The quality can be better. When I FaceTime the quality is crystal clear 10 out of 10. When I use Google Duo the quality could be better. I give it a 8 out of 10.

Google Duo

I could talk to my friends all the time it’s very good and doesn’t look scratchy all the time


This app looked great, and fun, and its not work available for an iPad.

It doesn’t work

Don’t waste your time with this app, every time I call someone it says it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time


This is one of the best apps that you can use for face time. It has amazing camera and always works.😃😃


It’s hard for you to FaceTime somebody with a different type of phone than you but not with Google Duo because all talk phone typed android Apple you name it can have this app. And also you get really good quality most other apps don’t have as much quality as this one does I love this and I will forever use it

Google dou

I love this app 🌻💫


Better than FaceTime


I have a brand new phone but every time I use google duos it kills my battery. I was on 100% two hours ago and called my friend on google duos and now I’m on 30%


Camera angle is very bad. Need to be just like apple if google need to promote this app.

Web cam tv

Google you should make an app for Android TV make a web cam. like Logitech an Skype but they are no longer supported 2018 I sure miss those days when can chat with Love ones, Long distance this App is amazing tho

Love it 😊

I’ve had this app for about a year and a half and it’s never failed to amaze me I call my friends using it all the time the only thing I don’t like is the format when you video chat the bubble is too small and doesn’t really capture everything other than that it’s awesome



A great app

This is a good app for kids and family thank you guys for this app today

Please add sound slider

Please add the slider option for sound so i am able to turn people up or down. I try to watch videos with my boyfriend but I usually end up having to turn up my volume to be able to hear the video but then that makes him very loud

It’s really good

It’s cool because u can get it on I phone and the. Quality is really good


It's a good way to video chat with friend and family! I've had for over a year now, never let me down! Recommend t to ever one!👍😉🙂

MamaAngie’s DUO

I love it. I rely on it to visit my grandchildren in the evenings.


This app overheats my iPhone and often freezes my video

It’s actually good

It missed a star because sometimes it would glitch for No apparent reason

My opinion

I love the idea of the app but the quality can sometimes be a little iffy overall I would say it’s a pretty decent app for what it is

Love it!!!! Really...

Works better than FaceTime 🙄 I must admit

Delayed speech /sound

I had a echo every time I spoke


Really good quality

A good alternative to facetime!

My boyfriend and I are unfortunately separated for the year due to school, he does not have an iphone so we’ve resorted to google duo to video chat- our calls are almost always perfect! way better than skype! there’s a few minor bugs but far less than i’ve experienced with other apps or websites for video chatting. would definitely recommend!

Bugs in basic functionality

Calls don’t connect until multiple tries, they disconnect, they lag. Google, you already had Hangouts. How did you manage to reinvent the wheel and do it so poorly? You’re better than this.

Great option for those who don't have facetime

My mother does not have an iPhone so therefore she is unable to video chat with me until Google duo came along. Great option for those who can't afford an iPhone lol j/k

I love it

It’s a amazing how I can FaceTime her because I have a iPhone and she has a Samsung

The best

In my opinion this is the best app on google so far I love it

Thank you

This app is so helpful because I have a friend who dose not have apple and this allows us to video chat and see each other when she went through a thought time this app I what I have to thank for that. Thank you

Amazing Video Call App

This is so amazing. I always wanted a better FaceTime this is it!

It’s not the best

It really hard for me to call my friend when she’s in Paris and I’m in USA it doesn’t work it doesn’t say that I’m calling her on her phone. And when she was in New Jersey I could nearly see her most of her was like blocks. Even though she’s in my neighborhood it’s like she’s across the country. I still prefer FaceTime when my friend was in South Carolina I could see her better then when she’s for blocks away from me. overall it’s okay I would get if there is not a other way for u

iPhone 7 plus heats up as if on a stove

After 10 mins of usage, it heats up the phone so much that every thing starts to hang. I also got an iPhone temperature warning due to the pho e being excessively hot. Please fix 🙏🏼


I’m happy I have this app so I can call my friends thank you soooooooooooooo much


Everything you would want in a video chat. The video quality is perfect and so is the sound, and user friendly!

Love you

I love it

Good girls

This is a good FaceTime app

Love this!!

My daughter is married to a Marine and they are in Hawaii. Before that it was North Carolina. I am disabled and cannot visit them, but love that I can see and interact with them now. I get to see my grandchildren grow and build our relationship as if I were there. I tried SKYPE and it was awful! Never worked! Duo is awesome and I can see them and makes my heart so happy. Thank you for this app 😊

Doesn’t work

‘Nuff said

Use to like it but now it won’t let me video chat at all

It forces close every time I try to video chat...fix ASAP please

Good app

Good app but when people call me it often never rings and if it does it only rings for 2 seconds, but on the callers side it rings for 15ish seconds. Otherwise a great experience!

Quality video

Video has good quality

Video chat

Being able to video chat with my deaf son means the most to me. We are free to sign to each other & enjoy seeing each other on a regular basis. I live in rural Arkansas & sometimes the WiFi signal slows down but it is improving. Arkansas Telephone Co. is the provider.

Awesome System

Great that I can FaceTime Samsung or Android phones!!


I have been using google duo since a year. It is comparatively one of the vest video calling apps. Recently it is giving some issues with the video quality and sound. The call gets disconnected suddenly and the video quality gets really bad.


Way better then fb’s video and better then FaceTime.


It is the best app because you can FaceTime someone you love


Drastically drains my battery & has operating issues. Useless.

Is pretty good

Some of my calls have been pretty bad quality but most of them are really good quality and I love this app it's so much faster and easier than any other video call app I've ever used

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