Google Duo - Video Calling App yorumlar


I can talk to whoever I wanna while my phone out😱😱😱😱!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great app

This is a great app but wished it would rotate on my iPad, m works great on my Android and a friend's iPhone but for iPad, you need to keep it portrait otherwise, the other person will see you sideways. This app is technically for smartphones and not aimed at tablets. Would be great to add the rotation feature. My iPad is always in landscape mode because of the iPad stand and cover.

My grandma

Since my grandma doesn’t have an iPhone she has duo and so do I and it is amazing so now we could video chat anytime he wants and I get to see her more this is amazing I recommend if you get this app


Muy buena aplicación,funciona excelente la recomiendo!!!!

Quality of call

Just video chat with my son n granddaughter, quality of audio and video was good. Makes living far from some of my babies not so bad.

Exceptional FaceTime companion

This app helps me communicate with my Android family and friends.


This app is really fun because if you have a device that does not allow FaceTime this app is perfect for you!

Supa cool

Supa cool




It’s crap

Good visual

Clear visual , good quality speaking ,


This is the perfect app for me and my BFF thank you for making it!


To be honest I really like this effort you put into this app

Used DUO forever, now it’s crap

I’ve never had issues with duo, until about a week ago. No one can duo me, and when I try to video them it says they are not on duo yet, invite them! So freakin frustrating!


Having used this app for over and year and loved it. But with the latest Apple update, all of a sudden, I can’t make a single call. Every call gets an error message saying the other person isn’t on Duo. The same people who can call me.... I sent a message to the help center and received no information. I have to keep redownloading the app to get it to work but it gets the error again after someone calls me. Horrible until this fix this issue.


Duo will not work for me anymore, every1 i try to call it says invite them to chat but they already have DUO....... Deleting this app because its only taking up space in my phone

Google duo

I like google duo but I can’t stand how after almost after every call it says do you like google duo or something like that.

Great so

Not all my family have the same kind of phone. I prefer Duo to all others I’ve tried including Facebook messenger

Used to work

Upgraded phone to iPhone x. Now can’t get any google duo calls to go through!

Love this 😍

This app is amazing ❤️❤️

My review

It has very good streaming but it would be nice if it had a few filters. It’s very fun to talk with friends and family.


Excellent wish could talk to more in sessssion

Five star

Like being in the same room an sharing a conversation.

Good app I believe

I'm gonna try and call my friend if it works I'm gonna be so happy if she answers because she's in the hospital right now it's about her leg and I'm scared for her

App Crashers

Google duo is being crashed on Xs MAX

The picture stands and sometimes the sound is not heard

The picture stands and sometimes the sound is not heard

4 stars

The video call so clear but my phone got so hot after 10’.

Good job

Just keep it (quality) that way

Was nice until permissions were required

Worked perfectly, even in foreign networks as a cellular alternative. However, now this app is fckn invasive with the required “access to contacts”, cannot even call someone back that dialed me first. Well F U Google.

Duo Communication App

Excellent Communication app. Easy to use. Excellent audio & video.

I love it, but have a suggestion!

I love this app, but I hate how big the video of yourself is. Can you guys please allow us to make the video of us smaller, or at least a circle again. The rectangle is so awkward and the circle was just the right size. Thanks!

Google duo

I love google duo now I can video chat with my friend gabby 🙂🙃😉😌


This app is amazing I really love it great job makers😺😺

New update has rendered the app useless

Used to love the app. Had excellent call quality and never had connection issues. Since the recent update it will not connect with caller and the few instances it does it drops call within a few minutes

Excellent video

Very happy with near HD video. No loss of signal and no buffering over a 30 minute use.

Great app

Love this app. I have an iPhone and lot of family have androids. I can communicate with both now and video quality is amazing #loving my new duo app😘

App for Mac

Make an app for Mac laptop users

App is crashing for new registration

App is crashing in IOS 12.1 iPhone X’s max device. Please take a look and fix it ASAP.

It’s pretty good

Sometimes it can be a little blurry or laggy but I think that’s mainly our internet connection. Overall enjoy it and works a lot better than other video apps

Google duo app

It’s a good app to check up on your children your husband people you know close to you it works great if I had of known that this was an app to FaceTime I wouldn’t have got an Apple phone

So good

This is very good better than FaceTime love it 😍😍

Google Julio

We are in Puerto Rico and the communication and visibility was remarkable


Like it for the droids but the longer your on the call the worse the sound and vid become. It’s a good sub but it’s not Apple face time

Goggle duo

This is a good app so I can talk to all my friends but sometimes the graphics aren’t that good


Me and my boyfriend have different phones and we use this to FaceTime each other. I absolutely love it! Great quality


It was going

Love Google

Thank you google for this app

Great app!

Talking with my friends without lag! Amazing!

Friends and family

I like it cause you can talk with your friends and family.

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