Google Duo - Video Calling App Reviews

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Good but crap

I don’t like how it pauses your video chat but the graphics are good


I really love this app!

Love it !

Great quality easy to use!


This is a great app in general however it would be nice if there were a option to do a group call. However it is still an amazing app.


Love the app lets me communicate with my girl but man does it kill my battery literally I can glance over and watch it drop at least 2% to 5% every minute but 👍video is good so is audio


This app is awesome I absolutely love it because you can talk to family and friends thank you DUO






This app is the best video app ever


It's awesome app that I have used ever

Best call quality ever!

I downloaded this app after trying many others which have failed to connect and provide a decent call quality due to my poor Wi-fi connection, but “Duo”, this magical app, worked perfectly. I immediately deleted all of my other calling apps. Thank you Google.

Will have Best Messaging System Too

It does better than others in video, will be ULTRA spectacular if it also had Messaging System

Please do this you will be the first and the best

Guys, you need to do multiple people, like me and my friends and they have Apple and Android and I want to duo with them at the same time, we all do just please try to add it I would be so happy meanwhile we are searching for an app that can do this, but I don’t think there are any

Sucking up our battery

I love the fact that I have an IPhone and my husband has a Samsung and I can use this with him because we can’t face time each other when he’s gone for work but hate how it drains our battery so super fast so that’s my only downfall using this app but other than that I recommend





Very very good app.

Very very good app. Thank you.


OMG JUST SO AMAZING. I can chat with my friends because my friends has a different phone DUO works great for video calling and calling friends like normal but there is one problem the video chat always makes my phone lose its battery fast but that's the only problem


I am now able to video chat using my iPhone with my family and friends who have Samsung or other phone versions that is not compatible with FaceTime. THANK YOU!!!

Google duo

This is a great app where I have I phone n my husband has android great way to communicate much better quality then messenger. Love it. Cool!!!

Excellent quality

And I like the preview screen

Drains battery

I video called for just 10 minutes and it drained my battery tremendously. If Google can fix this problem then I would definitely rate this 5 stars.

Not happy

For whatever reasons this app takes over the FaceTime option in my iPhone contacts I’m not happy about that, I give it permission to use my camera but not to get involve in my privacy

Battery sucker

This drains battery like crazy. Goes down 1-2% every minute. Unsure if other video calling apps are as power hungry.

Great App. I love it !

I recommend this app.


I love it it’s good don’t cut off best quality and my son love talking to his Nana on the phone so it’s great and it’s fast and no cut out

Duo the best

I love this app, one of the best for video conferencing .

Boy this booty 💩

Boy this app is booty juice man, don’t get this app, if this app wasn’t free i’d want a refund. Google this is why nobody buys your phones even if they do have a deal with Verizon. Only thing you have going for you is your search engine. I ain’t gone lie i fw that. Do better. Anyways camera quality on this app was even more booty than your phones and i have an iphone so think about how booty it is on your phone. Goodbye

Fantastic app!

Really enjoy using this app. Audio and video are very clear. Thanks to the developers for fixing some bugs my parents were experiencing!

Lack of Notification

This app used to be flawless when it first launched. Now when I make video calls my recipient does not receive the call nor is there any type of notification. I really used to enjoy it. Now its a dismal.


This is a really good app I can face time w my bf and it was a really good idea bc he’s teaching me how to play basketball now thanks you so much ❤️

The best google duo

I love you guys


^^^ the title says it all.

Family Affair

Use it with all my family members . Love it Love Google

Battery Killer

- Kills your battery very quickly for excessive usage( Audio calls more than 20 minutes). WhatsApp and Viber can handle audio calls better. - Iphone got 🔥 Hot after a simple 20 minutes Audio Call. Google needs to optimize the App for better battery life.

Good app

Need new desing..

Better than FaceTime to me

I actually love FaceTime however this app is super simple and works great if not better than FaceTime. Bridges the disconnect between android and apple. Gotta love google. Just great apps.

Want to love it.

Just not quite there compared to facetime.

Google Duo Review

Google Duo is an AWESOME app. Great quality.

Awesome Video but Can’t Change Volume

There are two volume settings on Duo: full volume, or use FaceTime. So exactly what the title says.

My Experience

The quality of the picture and sound was surprisingly very clear, the connection was also excellent, overall very pleasant and satisfactory experience DUO.

Really great app!

Really great app helpful where there is no cell service what so ever even for calling

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Minus 1...

I just started using Duo and I tried it bc Tango kept my video calls coming in & out. So I saw Duo two weeks ago and I’ve been using it for that long and on two Duo video calls the same skipping in & out happened. This is why I’m giving Duo 4 stars instead of 5. P.S.I hope you have an update with fun stickers and gifs very soon then I can maybe give Duo 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


SOOOO much better than the video call quality in WhatsApp (no disrespect, but this is a much better alternative)

Wasn’t what was advertised

I was super excited to download this app for the quality, but it ended up being the opposite. The call kept freezing, pausing, and overall not working. Maybe someday this will be a good app, but it’s not there right now.

Great Quality

Feel like video calling quality is better than whats app....

Good work

You guys are Awesome

No iPhone X optimization

Title says it all.

Bishop W. Todd Ervin

Great experience!!! My wife is Android & I'm Apple... we can finally video chat face to face... Brovo Duo!!!

Google Duo

Really cool app. People should try it.

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