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Google Version of FaceTime!

This is simply Googles version of FaceTime. However it has several more perks than FaceTime. The biggest is you aren’t restricted to just one brand of phone like FaceTime. As long as the person you are contacting has the Duo app, a Phone Number, and working Camera you can video call! It works well both on WiFi and Network Data!


This app is awesome for its graphics and video chat

No sound ?

The app is having trouble connecting the sound I can’t hear the other party and not can they hear Me? Can someone help?


It’s awesome since I have a iPhone and my hubby has a galaxy note 8 we are able to have face to face and it’s clear as bell it doesn’t freeze up or force close on you !! It is a great application guys thanks! MM on att-from South Carolina


It’s okay sometimes it fails with the video

Awesome App

This is a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends. I love being able to see my niece laugh and my mom smile.


Thank you


Al igual que Google se puede agarrar en todos lados y es muy útil para la gente que no tiene teléfono de manzana (que son carísimas) este se puede poner al igual que Google en cualquier teléfono inteligente. Me es muy útil y tiene excelente calidad



DUO a plus!

Great for hearing impaired because I can lip read. Thank you!

It’s great, but...

I love duo and the call quality is better than that of FaceTime from what I’ve experienced but it overheats my phone like no app I’ve ever used. Maybe this is just a me problems but whenever I use the app for any longer than 15 minutes my phone become boiling hot and sometimes disables use due to the temperature.

Satisfied customer!!

The picture and sound quality has been great every time I’ve used Duo. I’m very satisfied with this app!

Pretty Good App

Picture quality and voice is normally clear. It does eat battery and video sometimes freezes.

So much better than FB messenger

Love that it’s much more clearer than when I use FB messenger. Sometimes clearer when I even use FaceTime on my iPhone in certain spots. Good quality overall. Worth the download


Google Duo puts me closer to the ones I love. The clarity of picture and sound is amazing!!!!!

Awesome App

This app is Fantastic!! I get to see my granddaughter on a regular basis. Works great between the iPhone and Android.

Best app ever

This is the best FaceTimeing app that now-one could think of


I like it

About video

It was good quality but stilll sometimes blurring and freeze not bad. It was not like FaceTime because FaceTime got easy blurring and freeze, take a long problem. Duo was blurring and a little freeze but still can see clear a little blurring still good see little clear. It was worth. So need a little more improve but do not too much change okay. Just a little add more clear at all 👌🏽

Works well!

Duo works very well. Excellent video quality only my iPhone gets quite hot when using.

Almost perfect

i want to be able to see myself in the bubble completely while seeing other person like in the square on facetime and even better if was split screen like on skype. right now that little bubble doesnt show enough call/video quality is just a tad lower than facetime but pretty awesome. i wish there was a way to integrate into ios lockscreen so it looks more like a normal incoming call and not a notification. hope google gives us some of these updates. thx!

Still no update for volume control????

It’s been months since the IOS 10 has hit and Duo doesn’t seem to work with it. I can’t adjust the volume during calls so it’s just loud as hell..

Good but...

Google duo is a good way to communicate with android users but you can’t adjust the volume! Everyone can hear your conversation unless you connect to Bluetooth or headphones... hopefully they fix this issue


I is lit

Terrible camera quality

Terrible camera quality

Ringtone issues

I love this app but I’m very frustrated with the ringtone. I have missed more calls because I don’t hear it. You can change the volume or the ringtone in iPhone!


WOW I like it it is like a calling a app that you can use in your iPad WOW amazing work guys And I love it


Duo is amazing it lets me talk to my friends

Better than FaceTime

My mom recently switched to droid and we found this app to continue our video calls & they’re much better: - clearer call quality - better picture - better sound * needs support for iPhone X


يجنن يمكنونه الان مكالمت صديقاتي بوضوح

Hình rỏ âm thanh tổt cám ơn nhiều

Gơi lời cám ơn.

Unable to mute

If I get a duo call, the phone starts vibrating and I cannot stop it. I’ve tried pressing the power button, volume buttons, nothing. I have to open the app and decline, which is really hard if you’re in a meeting or driving with the phone in your pockets. Fix it, will ya?

Getting better

Works good 80% of the time, sometimes picture is pixely and freezes.

Better then FaceTime

It has better reception and the picture quality is better then FaceTime.




Google Duo works like a charm. I downloaded it so that I could attempt a video chat with relatives, and having a previously failed attempt with a competing video-calling app, I was initially skeptical. But much to my (pleasant) surprise, it worked beautifully! If you're looking for a video-calling app that works, stop here. This is the one. Hey, 38k+ reviews for 4.5 stars can't go wrong.

Fix the volume controls!

Why can’t I change the volume??? The buttons say they are changing but nothing happens. My boyfriend has a loud voice! Gah! Help a girl out, Google!

The best thing

I love this app especially for communicating with Samsung/android

Good except...

I love this app it’s really great but can you make a group video chat? I don’t think u can but other than that the app is amazing I love the high quality video and how easy it is to call someone! Better than FaceTime

Good thing about google duo

It’s kinda like FaceTime luv it


I love this app it’s a way to connect with others

Battery usage

This app drains my battery so fast to the point where I’m not able to finish a conversation with my friends. Me and my husband has been using this app for a year now and please get this issue fixed it frustrates us so much.


I love how this app works. It is extremely easy to use and it works for both audio or phone calls, which is great. However, it drains my iPhone’s battery extremely fast. During my most recent use, my phone went from 28 to 8 percent in a 5 min video call. This hasn’t been the first time it’s happened. I find myself needing continuous charging to use this app. It drains faster than Snapchat! Hope this can get fixed.

Mad about the screen quality


The best video & calling app!

I use to use WhatsApp to call my girlfriend when she’s working internationally and the quality was meh. Duo has been AWESOME haven’t had a single hiccup since we switched. I don’t know how we didn’t try it sooner. Great job google!!!


Duo is great but i wish if someone called u instead of getting a notification you phone rang loud i always have to normally call my friend and tell her to go on duo and then i call her because I doesn't ring unless ur on the app duo but when your not u just get a notification so i think u should make it so that it rings loud when ur not on the app but...


Great to talk to family with no dropping of calls and great clarity! Love it! Better than FaceTime!

So easy to call people!

Thank you for connecting me to people I love.


Great so far


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