Google Duo - Video Calling App Reviews

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Works great

Simple to use and works great.

Great stuff 🌴

I don’t understand it, but it’s amazing, text, call, video, around the world, perfect!

Everything is better

I can talk better I’m not texting I’m calling my friend with the best app ever🙂


My son turned me on to Duo few days ago and I completely love it

Excellent Clarity But Blocked In Middle East

It is very nice video chat app I ever use , But unfortunately it’s completely Blocked ISP or Carrier In United Arab Emirates, We can’t use it at anymore without VPN, So kindly Request you to make it as legal Video call App as like C’me and BOTIM App in UAE

Absolute awesomeness!

The app that our family uses daily to see each other without time delay. Voice is also very clear in our calls.

Horrible camera quality...

Open Snap Chat then open this app and see the dramatic difference in image quality... unacceptable

What I think went ring

I think you should not be allowed to go off when you are face timing people

Love it 😊

Great app to FaceTime friends and family that don’t have an IPhone.


You deserve 5 starts ✋🏽💙


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Get imo

Imo is way better

Pretty good

It is a good app the video quality is not always the best but I never have any big problems with it.

Few issues but good

The one issue I have is the video lately has lost audio a lot. Also the video quality is very digitally distorted but that may be my internet connection not sure. All in all I like it and am able to communicate with my husband who is serving in another country right now.

Fix for iPad Pro

I have the iPad Pro 10.5 and the app doesn’t fit the screen. I use a Samsung phone but kept my iPad and would like to stick with the google apps. But it doesn’t work well with the iPad as of right now. Are there any fixes going to happen? I rated low for iPad interface. Overall it is a 5 star app.

Better than Face Time

My best friend lives in Utah and we have different phones so this app had been really useful!! It is great quality and is better than face time!

almost perfect

everything is great about this app except the fact that it wastes my battery. i could be on 100% and it’ll drain it to 50% in 20 minutes. there’s an option to pause the video to save your battery life, but I don’t want that because then it just makes the video call boring. please find another solution to this problem.


By far the best video phone app. A must have!!!

Good qualities

I use due to get a hold of my friends it really helps and I can here them talking with out it lagging

Not laggy

I have an iPhone and getting this was life changing because now I can talk to those who don’t have I phone an I also don’t get a gray screen saying “lost connection” not lagging and doesn’t freeze as much as the iPhone FaceTime

Video chats with friends ♥️

I love this app so much because you get to talk to you’re friends for free and it’s a really great app by the way......!!!!!!😊♥️📚

Needs to allow use without phone number

My 5 year old uses FaceTime on her iPad but can’t use Duo because she doesn’t have a phone number. She needs Duo to stay in touch with remote Android family members but can’t. Please allow an email address to verify/sign up.


Very very good


The sound goes in and out and it flashes green.

Great App Drains battery

The video quality is great it just drains my battery really fast. Fix that and it will get 5 stars !

Good things

Due is nice this is the best thing to talk to my friend on



Best video call app

It is basic and the best quality in video and sound than any other I have tried.. I use it every day.


Now I can see my friends that don’t have a iPhone


Good but sometimes it freezes so when you try to say something you don’t know what the other person is saying


This drains my battery badly .



The awesome duo

I like duo because you can send video messages and FaceTime and call

Duo did it

Duo is an app that you can video chat and call it’s an amazing get it some day

5 star


Simples e Espetacular



Could be better

Very good video call

Nice feel like viewing mirror other side ..very nice.


I love this app, only app I use to FaceTime my boyfriend but now it says connecting and won’t let us connect and talk 😣 before that it said network error and now it doing this please fix it

From cortney Eubanks

This app is awesome and I love using it because I can talk to my friends every day


Can you make it zoom in and zoom out?

Duo User

I Loved Duo a week Ago. I just moved states from my family and they don’t have Iphones like me. So i told the to download this app. Everything was cool until I did this recent update and now my screen keeps turning black while using this app. Like it’s sleep the wake up then sleep again. Its so annoying and now I’m looking for another video app. Please fix, don’t wanna switch. 😢


I love this app!! It felt like I was actually talking to my friend face-to-face! At first it didn’t allow me to download it because I didn’t have the google app. So I had to download that. After that I could download it. Before when I didn’t have this app I couldn’t FaceTime my friend because she had a google pixel. But now I can because of this app! I definitely recommend you to download this app! 😁👍🏻

I hate the circle

I hate circle self camera can u bring the the rectangular self camera it has much better.


The video call quality is too good but why the phone is too hot during video calling?? Plz fix this problem.


I have enjoyed his app. It works way better than Facebook and is just as good if not better than Skype.


One of the best apps But there is one problem voice recording I can’t stop it from the settings

Works great in Vietnam

I’ve traveled to a few places in the world and do what works great especially if you have an iPhone and the other person you want to call has an android-based phone. Both the texting and the video work excellent and it’s all free!

Great to communicate with those family members who refuse to get an iPhone.

It’s da 💣.com


This app is so awesome and I love it so much

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