Google Duo - Video Calling App Reviews

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Great but no multitasking feature like in Pixel 2

Great quality. I have seen better features in Pixel but the video quality seems to be better here even though I’m on the same network. Sometimes I feel Google is using a little too much AI

Better than Skype

Great quality picture, easy to install

Nice app

It’s great to video chat. My husband have a galaxy phone and i have iPhone so it was hard for us to video chat with other apps but this one it’s great.

Excellent / AAAAA+

If I could Rate this a 10 I would! It’s excellent reception. excellent sound, Excellent quality. No dropped calls. Easy to use. Overall it’s much better than the quality Face Time and I am an iPhone user.

Better than FaceTime!

Very seldom is this app glitchy. I love the fact that I’m able to use it with an iPhone and videochat with everyone who can’t use FaceTime.



9/23/18: This app keeps crashing on my iPhone 7+

I don’t know what it is, I can’t use the app. Finally just got a few friends that use Duo, but when i open the app it crashes. I have tried to reinstall the app, etc - no go! I have ios 11.4.1 installed and was hoping i wouldn’t have to upgrade to ios 12.0. When I try to enter the phone number of my contact the app stalls for a couple seconds and then closes completely. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Please let me know, Anand

I love this app 😍

I love this app😍

Google duo review

This is a great app so you can chat with friends. I use this app to communicate wi h my deaf friend since she doesn’t have a iPhone for FaceTime but I have a iPhone. I recommend this app to people who have a iPhone and want to chat with friends who have a different phone.


I like this app it’s goooooooood😁

Needs a little improvement

This app works well but also needs a little improvement. My friend has android and I have iOS. It does not work too well on these different devices. It has been very glitchy but is also a great way to communicate with friends. If you could improve this it would be amazing.

Works like a charm

Clear ,no problems. Works great.


Great service majority of the time. Love that I can talk to my parents and other loved ones in a different state.

Great Reception

Never have to worry about screen going blank and reconnecting circles! Such a pleasure! I just started using this app will let you know if it is still good in a few weeks!!! Stupid can’t send a review

It’s alright

I mean , it’s alright...THE VIDEO QUALITY IS TRASH.But it does come in handy when you want to call somebody that have a different phone than you , because i have an iPhone X , and some of my friends have a Samsung , so i use google duo to call them.But overall , it’s alright.

It's nice

It's nice and all but I'm stupid and thought you could make multiple calls. With the quality it would be nice if you could.

I love this app given by Abigail Yohannes

I love love this app because I can’t can call my parents my brother my siblings find anything and I love this app I will give is a great review you should use this app I use all the time you could FaceTime call

Really good but weird

When I call my friend she answers but when she tried to call I don’t get any sound of her calling me. I have notifications on. Only when I’m on the app I would know she’s calling. But when I’m out of the app she calls me a bunch of times and I didn’t even know it. If you could tell what this is all about that would be great.

Good for video chatting.

Awesome app. But would be nice if my video didnt pause when i minimize the app and the video window stays open in the corner like skype does.


I like the app but the worst part is it drains my battery soooo quick so I have to give one star I have an iphone8 plus so my battery is good through out the day ..please fix


The quality of the videos are bad a lot and the audio...but only occasionally

Google duo

Google duo is cuul

Review for duo

Hi I see you have scrolled through the reviews.Google Duo is awesome,to all those people out there who are thinking about downloading this app you really should! There’s only one problem you can’t text. I mean I don’t really use messages as much anymore and I honestly think that it will just be a great update. Other than that it’s a great app my friend has a google pixel so that meant we couldn’t see each other’s faces while we talked,but google duo helped with that! If we were playing an online game on our laptop/computer Goggle Duo helped us see what we were doing! One more helpful thing when you press on the little face that shows you your friend or family member it will switch camera views thank you ang have a good rest of your day/night!😁


You are getting there; meaning as good as FaceTime.

Good app !

This is a good app to use I guess so that way you will not have to call you use the internet for calling and to meet new people.So this is a good app!

ممتاز جداً

تطبيق رائع ومفيد .

Your a life changer

Your the best thing ever

Quality of call

Its really great and fantastic. I feel it’s completely different. Thanks


My granddaughter uses this to see her friends and it’s great!!


My friend has a Samsung so we can’t ft this app has made it possible to thank you for making this app 🙂🙂🙂


Very nice quality of sound. Better than phone call 👍 and video call is fine

Good but...

I really like this app. Cool to be able to see who you are talking to and to be able to leave a message if there isn’t an answer. BUT sometimes and quite often I cannot hear the person but they can hear me. We have to keep hanging up to try to get audio.


Better than Marco Polo walkie-talkie

Support Siri Shortcuts

Please provide support for Siri shortcuts.


Think about it it’s Google, Google anything is amazing

Video call

The google duo was ok. But FaceTime is better!


This app crosses formats so i can video chat with my Galaxy husband!!

Works great

Love quality I have an iPhone and now I can go to my friends if they have Samsungs by video calling them on Google Duo thanks google duo!!!!

Love it !

ii kan talk to my family members who dnt hve iPhones ❤️ especially if ii haven’t seen em in a long time

Overheating PHONE...

This app works for the job it’s suppose to do, but my phone always over heats and tons of network errors...

Google Duo Comment

Excellent video chat app!!!!



The app is good.

2 stars for annoying the user to write a review on App Store. #facetime

Problem solved

iPhone + Android x Google Duos = Best app ever!!

Simply Great

The best voice chatting app ever

I love google duo 😘🤞🏽👍😜

Do you love me yes 😜or no😔


The app has great potential, however it overheats my battery, and I don’t mean just a normal warm battery- no my phone gets so hot that I can feel heat radiating from my phone. As a matter of fact it’s so hot that it’s only a few degrees away from actually burning my hands. FaceTime and other video apps don’t seem to cause this problem


I like this app I think it’s awesome. I can video chat with fam and friends from my iPhone. It’s super good video quality great sound waves and love the video messages you can leave for a missed call. I’m so pumped to be able to speak with family that’s long distance. Great app from an iPhone user👍🏽


It is nice to use video chat, but Duo makes my phone get sooo hot. :( worries me


This app is awesome beacause you can chat and write review

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